Science of Energy Flow® : Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief, a new book by award-winning author Dr. Martha Mathews Libster, is a step-by-step guide for learning touch and visualization techniques for activating energy fields in the feet that correspond to the entire body and its systems. SEF is more than a simple foot massage. SEF incorporates the ancient healing traditions of foot reflexology, footbath ablution, and soothing herbal oils and wraps with new scientific understanding of ways to affect whole person healing through the hologram in the feet. SEF is a gentle but powerful remedy grounded in time-honored healing practices and contemporary scientific research that activates your divine blueprint for wholeness, body memory, and healing of body, mind and spirit. After reading this book, you will never perceive your feet in the same way again. You will have a new under-standing!

Full color, 225 pages. Full-color wall chart with map of energy fields also available
Highlights of Science of Energy Flow®: Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief

  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions on SEF Treatment for Self, Family, and Friends
  • Dr. Martha’s SEF Chart – A Map of the Energy Fields in the Feet
  • Full Color Images of the Seven Major Chakras
  • Repertoire of more than 25 Hand Holds, Positions, and Techniques, such as Kidney Charging, Solar Plexus Release, and Tau Spiral Chakra Meditation to Activate Energy Flow
  • Herbal Stress Relief – Foot Baths, Wraps, and Packs
  • Health Promotion, Health Care Reform, and Spiritual Protection with SEF
  • Guidelines for Professional Practice

Table of Contents